Hello! My name is Reka and I am a designer born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I graduated in June 2021 with a BA in Visual Communication and minors in 2-D Media and and Digital Media. Growing up I always had a love for anything creative. I strive to express myself in many different forms including painting, drawing, photography, design, and fashion. A far as my personal style goes it changes all the time. At twenty-four years old I still am exploring and finding out what direction I want to take my life. But in the meantime, creating helps me learn things about myself all the time. I take inspiration from the people around me and the world around me which influences my art. Trying new styles and mediums helps me expand my knowledge and learn what I connect to the most. Lately, I spend most of my time working on design, but I try to use my knowledge of other medias to create well-rounded compositions.
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